Tools Overview

We work with a variety of researches and available resources (on continuous or ad-hoc basis) to deliver fully-argumented and data-driven digital solutions


Gemius Audience

digital audience measurement, using hybrid methodology. It combines   the site-centric data acquired from the tagged websites, stream players and applications with the user-centric data collected from the online questionnaires and monitoring application installed on the panelists’ devices. The declarative and real activity information is fused to create the unified user-centric data

Gemius Direct Effect

A third party adserving and campaign monitoring system supporting the complete flow of campaign execution from trafficking, optimisation, monitoring to reporting. It can measure Google Display Network, YouTube and MSN O&O sites, including Skype. Fully supported API (Application Programming Interface) for integration with clients’trafficking and analytical systems.



Banner Monitoring

(successor of Web News Agent) is a real-time monitoring tool  for the   advertising activity within the online environment by means of automatic system that   registers ads in more than 450 Bulgarian websites. Lacks 100% representativeness. Provides  access to creatives and used formats via screenshots.

google tools

Keywords Planner: keywords research, historical statistics and traffic forecasts; Display Planner: audience targeting ideas, insights and forecasts; Google Trends: search-term trends compared to the total search-volume over-time; Google Analytics: integrated measurement and marketing analytics data; Consumer Barometer: online research with country-specific data on consumers’ online behavior



Facebook Insights: Aggregated information about people connected to Facebook page, people in custom   audiences and people on Facebook to create relevant content and advertisements